pirvacy policy

You don’t have to register or provide any personal information to use this website. Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be kept up-to-date on all of our latest deals. The only way to do this is to give us your e-mail. If you don’t want to receive our emails, please let us know by writing to us or clicking the “unsubscribe” option in any email we send to you. We may maintain a copy of any interaction or communication you have with us (such as through a form on our website) to track how you reached out to us.

Authorized personal information that we collect

Some of the things we automatically gather include your IP address, the time and date you utilized our services, and details about the computer hardware, software, or internet browser you used. The operating system of your machine is also collected, including application versions and your language preferences. Every time you click or visit a page, we record that information too. Your mobile device, the settings and characteristics of your mobile device, and any issues with your app or other system activities are all tracked by us.

It’s all about how people make use of their private information.

Providing you with relevant and engaging material is one of our main goals, as well as measuring and analyzing how our services are used. We allow advertisers to see aggregate data or statistical data on how our users use our site and how they utilize it. There is no way to link this data to a specific individual. To those who have agreed to receive them, we send out promotional emails about our products and services. Personal information will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes unless you have given us your permission.

There must be a legal basis for any data processing.

Personal data can be used for a wide variety of purposes, as stated in Article 6(1) of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. With your consent and for a specified reason, we may make use of your data. Your permission to use the information you provide to us can be revoked at any time. Alternatively, you can click the “unsubscribe” option in any of our emails. If our company or a third party needs personal data to fulfill a contract with the data subject, to comply with the law, or for the legitimate interests of our company or a third party, those interests can be overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of an identified or identifiable person. Personal data can also be used in these situations. Personal data can also be used for these purposes.

Cookie recipes and info

When you visit a website, a little amount of data known as a cookie is stored on your computer. On a website, it keeps track of the input you make. The most relevant information should be displayed when you return to our site, for example.

Cookies help us provide you with a better service and enhance your overall experience on our site. You consent to our utilizing cookies if you continue to use this site. Your browser’s settings allow you to restrict how cookies are used. Cookies can be turned off or deleted from this page. You should be able to find the solution in the help section of your browser.

Cookies of many types can be found in many places.

When a cookie is served through a domain that is owned by the person or entity that serves it, it is known as a “first-party cookie.” “First-party cookies” are the term for these cookies. That also applies to GDC Trading. Third-party cookies are those that we allow someone else to serve on our websites and apps. The most common cookies we use, how we use them when we use them, and how long they stay on your computer or device are all listed below for your convenience.

That’s what Google Analytics is called. When you visit our site, this third-party cookie tells us things like the date and time of your visit, where you came from, what you looked at, and more. We can make better use of this data in the future. For two years, this cookie can be stored.

A Google-operated service. Using Google AdWords campaigns is made possible by this third-party cookie. For two years, this cookie can be stored.

It was Tealium that hung this tag. Using this cookie, we can see how you navigate the site. For two years, this cookie can be stored.

A firm that makes Hotjar is Hotjar.com. You don’t have to give up any personal information to use this third-party cookie.

Third-party cookie Outbrain allows us to customize content based on what visitors are interested in seeing. For the next ten months, I’ll be eating this cookie.

Cloudflare, which Cloudfare created, is the service that is being used. Cloudflare’s security mechanisms rely heavily on this cookie, and it cannot be disabled. Your online application does not have a user ID that matches this one, and no personal data is stored. For a year, you can keep this cookie.

With the help of the Vizibl cookie, we may serve you adverts from Gambling.com that are tailored to your specific preferences and interests. They are also used to ensure that you don’t view an ad too many times and to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. For a long time, this cookie will be there.

In other words, it’s the same as your email.

If you send us an email or sign up for regular help, we will save your email address. We will only use your email address for the purpose for which you provided it. Unless you specifically request it, your email address will not be added to any mailing lists. Unless you specifically authorize us to do so, we will not use or disclose your email address for any other purpose.